The Association has organized or supported since 2014 a series of collaborative projects of great diversity that demonstrate the universality of the methods of collective intelligence and digital tools offered.


These actions promote the creation and dissemination of new urban, cultural and social dynamics in very different places and countries: countryside villages and large cities districts in China, public transport system and urban renewal projects in France, for example.

Quito, Ecuador Fall 2016

« Wikibuilding Workshop at Universidad Central del Ecuador »

7 Billion Urbanists / UFO Disseminate - Projects - Train

In October 2016, 7 BU organized a Wikibuilding Workshop with the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at UCE, with professors Andrea Salazar and Marco Salazar and their 30 students. After great experience of workshops in Europe and China, the seven co-founders of 7BU arrived to Quito a week before the Habitat III Conference to work with the students on La Floresta neighborhood using our open source tool Unlimited Cities DIY. We were working day and night for five days using the power of the collective intelligence at big scale to urban planning and allowing a dialogue between all stakeholders (municipalities, urban professionals and civil society: city dwellers, inhabitants, associations …).

We presented our activities and the results of the workshop at the French Pavilion during Habitat III Conference.

Quito, Equateur
Habitat III
Fall 2016 - ongoing

« Presence in the HABITAT III Conference »

7Billion Urbanists Conferences - Wikibuilding Workshop Disseminate - Projects - Train

We are preparing our participation to the major international conference HABITAT III of the United Nations. The preparatory documents for the new Agenda urban, that sign 193 countries, promote indeed an evolution of the urban transformations to the co-construction with civil society.
We will be in Quito in October 2016 to organize a “Workshop Wikibuilding” operational with locals and link with universities in urban design and architecture.